Line Status

Latest status for each line from Cape Metrorail. Please note that this information is only as reliable as that provided by Cape Metrorail.

Line: Central - 6 hours ago

Service Announcement. Central line service remains suspended following a train derailment between Heideveld and Netreg as a result of vandalism. Regrettably Metrorail has no buses to offer as an alternative transport and commuters are advised to arrange own alternative transport. However, Metrorail monthly and weekly ticket holders may utilize Golden Arrow buses during the off-peak, as from 08:30 on wards. Service Announcement

Line: Northern - 6 hours ago

Service Announcement. Extended travel time of 15 - 20 min on the Northern line due to faulty signal equipment at Firgrove and Kuils Rive, faulty signals between Goodwood and Thornton and vandalism at Maitland and Elsies River. Service Announcement

Line: Southern - 6 hours ago

Service Announcement. Extended travel time of 20 - 30 min on the Simon's Town due to defective signals at Observatory and Mowbray. Trains will terminate at Fish Hoek due to sand on the tracks between Fish Hoek and Simon's Town. A limited bus service will operate between Fish Hoek and Simon's Town. Cancellations due to sets out of service: Train no 0108 the 06:31 train from Fish Hoek to Cape Town, Train no 0111 the 06:30 train from Cape Town to Simon's Town and train no 0118 the 07:50 train from Simon's Town to Cape Town. Service Announcement

Line: Cape Flats - 6 hours ago

Service Announcement. Extended travel time of 10 - 15 minutes on the Cape Flats line due to manual authorisation of trains between Koeberg/Pinelands following vandalism at Maitland, defective signals at Hazendal and Pinelands, defective track circuits at Southfield Service Announcement

Line: Bellville via Monte Vista - 12 hours ago

Service Announcement. Trains are running on time and according to schedule. We wish you a pleasant journey. Service Announcement

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